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I’m Scott, and I’m the photographer behind Magenta Wedding Photography. Very happy that you’re here!


It all started in Los Angeles in 2007 while taking photography classes.

I started taking a lot of headshots. I mean a lot! It was less about equipment and more about being creative and in the moment. It was a great chapter in my photography life.


It's been 5 years since I photographed senior

pictures and headshots. I currently photograph around 500 homes a year and over 20 weddings. I miss giving all of my attention to portraits.


It's all about showcasing the genuine you!

We would meet and speak about a variety of things.

I want to know your wants and needs.


I'm not big on fake posing. Many years of Improvisational acting allows me to get my clients out of their heads and to be genuine. I like to be creative with photography and have my clients involved in the process.

You can see this in my wedding photography.


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